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About Us

Siraj International provides the highest quality service in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables to a number of specific markets.  We offer an unbelievably large range seasonal fruits like mango, banana, guava, apple, grapes, pineapple and many more. We only trade in the best quality and supply them in the shortest possible time keeping the freshness intact. Our seasonal fruits can also be used for preparing confectioneries, jam and jelly production and for other processing requirements.

Quality packaging is done to preserve the freshness and rich aroma of the fruits. We trade fruits in different packaging and offer safe shipping facilities. Quality, taste and benefits to health are the most important areas under which we trade our agricultural products. We are committed to maintain a consistent and strong relationship with our esteemed clients. All our products that we deal in conform to both domestic as well as international food standards.

We also trade in a wide range of vegetable products that are ready to eat. With no additives and no Health Hazards, we make sure that the vegetables are stored fresh with no loss of nutrients, flavor, colors, texture and shape. Fully automated system is used for the packing line to keep our products untouched by hands. They are packed in various quantities as per the client's specification. All our vegetable products can be consumed fresh as salads or can be cooked with ease. All the different stages of procurement, processing and supply are monitored by a team of quality control experts. Samples of our products are obtained and subjected to rigorous tests to ascertain their quality. Only products that conform to all established parameters of quality are finally packaged and dispatched to clients. 

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